The sh.asus was founded in 1955 and has passed through a very moved but after all successful development since then. In the 50s the sh.asus tried to improve the working possibilities in Italy for students who completed their study in Austria. Furthermore the founders of the sh.asus published the first “Skolast” and started with professional advices for students. In the 60s the sh.asus had to fight with political problems regarding the goals of their organization. Finally the sh.asus was divorces in two parties and the idea of a united student organization was at the risk to fail.

The “studentproblem” was a big issue also in the 70s and the sh.asus veered away in its opinion from the SVP (South Tyrol’s biggest political party). Furthermore the sh.asus opened the organization for the Italian language students.

In the 80s the situation between the SVP and the sh.asus improved a lot. However the student association had again big problems; In the 90s the committee of the sh.asus took the South Tyrolean publishing houseAthesia” to court, as they had published some false facts about the financial situation of the sh.asus. Finally the sh.asus succeeded in overcoming the problems and is nowadays the most important South Tyrolean association for students.